Established in Hong Kong 1996

Company activities  - oil and gas exploration

Cosine Ltd works closely with oil exploration companies, providing technical data planning, interpretation and exploration operations management.  Cosine input covers new ventures data appraisals, survey planning and conducting survey tender processes and contract reviews, overseeing survey and QA, data modelling and interpretation, presentations to government petroleum exploration departments. 

Our wide experience encompasses 2-D onshore and river-swamp seismic operations, magnetic, gravity and aerogravity gradiometry (FTG) surveys, geochemical survey, well site geological/wire line operations, farm in due diligence assessments and new venture studies in many geological provinces.

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                  Prospect evaluation                    Structural interpretation    Earth tremor captured neatly on a          New ventures evaluation -
                                                                           for prospect selection       seismic  record
- an unusual event      basin modelling from old data

Computation of 3-D basin gravity response from 2-D seismic sections to explore underlying palaeo sections and to test uncertainty in  seismic interpretations


Seismic line inspection in papyrus swamp