Company profile - Cosine Geoscience Ltd was dissolved volutarily in 2019 upon the retirement of Mike Hill, the UK based director.
          For the time being, related technical enquiries are  handled by Frank Collar through Cosine Ltd

Cosine Geoscience was founded by Frank Collar and Mike Hill in UK in 2006 as an associate of Cosine Ltd (HK) within the scope of water resource development and management.    The operations were formally incorporated  in 2012 and the company was based near Ipswich, Suffolk, UK.

The company provided a comprehensive service to agricultural operations, from initial abstraction site hydrological investigation through to  technical presentation to the UK Environment Agency and abstraction licence procurement.

FC and MH had extensive background experience in commercial and government funded programmes, for water exploration and development through to  institutional and government water supply management and regulation, in many countries.

The company and its associates combined a wide range of technical disciplines and experience which were particularly relevant to the operations.  The company designed and manufactured its own multiparameter - multichannel groundwater data monitoring stations, as an effective component of the abstraction control processes.

Setting a visual pump test gauge pole in a new abstraction pit

Demobilising a high delivery rate
(120 cu.m/hr) pump for controlled transient abstraction


Installation of a 6 port 7 channel system to monitor the saline groundwater interface at three locations, EC / chloride / TDS, temperature and depth of  pit water for abstraction control

A lined storage reservoir fed by abstraction pits and yard surface run-off

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